UPDATE: Music (whether it's halal or not) is still haram/unacceptable.

4:37 PM

I actually found this clip when I was searching up islamic nasheeds on YouTube.I'm so glad to have found it and to have watched it. The imam (leader) talks about how islamic nasheeds are haram period.It's only accepted in moderation. Everything you do should be in moderation, meaning not a lot/not too much. I know I've posted some "Islamic nasheeds" under Halal Tunes but just remember to not listen to it too much. I just now found out about "Islamic nasheeds" not being halal so it just shows how there's still more to learn in Islam that not everybody may know. We all make mistakes. Nobody's perfect, just remember. I thank Allah, ahamduliliah, for providing me with everyday knowledge especially when it comes to knowing Islam.

I hope you all enjoy this clip and you learn something from it! May Allah Bless all my brothers and sisters!

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