Who needs makeup?

3:36 PM

Some girls say things like 'I can't live without makeup' or 'I need the makeup to look pretty'. This is not true. Make-up actually makes you ugly, to be honest with you. Make-up has so many chemicals in it that it just makes your face worst (wrinkles, breakout, etc.). Then you start relying on it more since you don't want people to know what happened while you wore makeup. I know a lot of girls who are so pretty and yet they put on makeup because they think they are ugly. Makeup is ugly not you. All girls are pretty inside and out. We all have natural beauty within us so why not let it out and show it.  Covering up your beauty is like saying 'I'm ugly' and if you say that you are basically saying that God must have been bad at creating me since he left so-called "imperfection" marks. God isn't a bad creator and was and never will be. He has made amazing, beautiful creation from people to animals to plants to everything around us.  He made you the way you are. He wouldn't make his own creation ugly. People have different opinions. Not everyone may like you and you can't expect that to happen. Some people judge others on looks, some judge base on others' personalities, it just depends. To one person you may look so pretty and to another you may look just a tad bit pretty. One person may think you have a spectacular personality, while another may think your personality just isn't great. Like the old saying goes "one person's trash is another person's treasure". Basically, I'm just saying treasure what you do have, while others wish they had what you had. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. Treat it with respect and care! May Allah (swt) Bless all of us!=}

Take a look at this website below:
It shows what chemicals are being put into are skin, what makeup does to us, and how some makeup is even haram (not acceptable in Islam). Even celebrities don't have perfect, clear skin. They have to wear makeup to cover up everything and sometimes if you look closely, you can tell they don't have perfect skin and are wearing makeup. Nobody has 100% perfect skin. But we still all are naturally beauty!

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