Islam is Peace not 9/11 & Terrorism

4:45 PM

Some say Muslims did 9/11, some say they didn't. We will never know the real truth.  But we do know that Muslims are about peace. At least, those who stick to Islam. Even if we (Muslims) did do 9/11,  don't you think people are being sterotypical of us? If from what I hear is true, then only a few Muslims did 9/11. Why are people blaming all Muslims for what a few Muslims "might" have done? It's unjust. But according to the 9/11 documentary-"Loose Change", Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11 and they back it up with proof. You can watch it and find out.  I had putted it  under Islamavision, which is on the right side of my blog page at the bottom. I feel that people need to base their knowledge on real facts and proof instead of what you see on television. People can be misinterpreted and different on television. Some people just follow what others say, which isn't right in my opinion. You have to find out about the facts and evidence through what knowledge we are given. Don't let people put you down and make you somebody that you aren't. You have to stand up for your religion. Stand up for Islam! Don't be ashamed or left out because of what you stand for. Allah (swt) has put us up to the test to see what his glorious mankind will do. Will they follow Almighty Allah and stand up for the followers/believers or will they follow the works of Satan/Devil? You choose. It's up to yourself to decide what position you want to be in. But just remember there wasn't just 9/11, there was the Oklahoma City Bombing, World War II, and more. But who did this? Not Muslims, not Muslims. Yet you don't see Muslims calling those who have created such wars terrorists. Why? Because we are about peace, love, and generosity. People see us as terrorists but really we aren't. If that was true then basically there's terrorists all around you.  Not just Muslims (since in the world Islam stands as the 2nd largest religion) but Christians and Jews.  Admit it, all religions have their bad people/misfollowers. We hate to know that but it's true. There's bad in all religions, cultures, race, ethnicity, age. And even worst there have been the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now currently a war in Pakistan.  When will the violence end? It's horrible and sad to think about but it's almost like there's a Holocaust for Muslims, where nobody is helping us. Like I said there are going to be people that have so much hatred towards Muslims (i.e. burning the Quran) but what I say is let them be. Let them commit such acts. I love Islam and am willing to stand up for it! I hate when people try to harm us or do hateful acts. But when I see such, I let it go. It just shows what kind of person they are, what kind of religion they stand for, and they'll get it in the end. I know we should fight back  and we should. But there are things that are out of our hands, we cannot control.

I love all religions! We as Muslims care and respect all religions. I don't let religion come between me and my friends. There's more to a person than their religion. If you based it on just religion, you could be missing out on a lot. We need to learn about other religions...about one another. It helps us with such knowledge to where we know where we belong and what position to stand at. 

Before we judge and accuse others, we should learn about one another. Before we accuse Muslims, read our Holy Book- The Quran/Koran and the Hadiths. Tell me what it says about Islam then come back to us. Not all Muslims are Muslims. Anybody can say "I'm Muslim". It's just what you do (your words/your actions) that makes you a Muslim. That's the very first on the checklist that makes you a Muslim. I watched "Islam Answers and Questions" with Diane Sawyer and I was pretty upset at what I had seen. Many people they interviewed are supposed to be so-called "Muslims". That's pretty sad if they are representing us. Some don't even follow the Islamic guidelines. If you want the real Islamic answers, bring in the Islamic scholars (Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes, Hussain Yee) and not just somebody you picked up that claims to be Muslim or somebody that is wearing a "hijab".  Islamic scholars know more about Islam considering that they have studied it for a long time and have memorized the Quran/Koran so why aren't they bringing in the Islamic scholars? My Muslim brothers and sisters don't be fooled by such nonsense you see on television. They can make you believe anything if you really believe it's true.  It's like those tempting television commercial ads. So don't believe it, unless you know it's right with such evidence and proof.

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