Is your hijab a little too tight?

7:24 PM

I've seen lots of Muslims that aren't very friendly and are quite rude, especially the Muslim sisters. Sisters just because you feel like you are "forced" to wear the hijab,  don't put all your anger and frustration on others. Muslims are supposed to be friendly, kind, and considerate not rude, pushy, selfish, etc. That just makes you look bad as a Muslim if you don't have  and show good qualities. Wearing a hijab is not to make you feel opressed or anything. It's there to show that you are a proud Muslim, one who worships Allah (subannah wa tala). Wearing the hijab is there to make you feel proud and happy! :) 

Here's a poem I would like to share with my Muslim sisters:

When I walk along the way
The people just stare at me in dismay

They think that I’m forced to wear that “thing”
But actually I wear it for Allah, The King

Maybe they think that I am not free
Just because I wear a headscarf on me

But that’s not true, I am really free
I wear it for Allah, The Almighty

The way we dress is not to show some skin
But for people to judge us not by our body, but from within

They might call me names or even start to stare
But what makes me keep going is knowing Allah is there

So when you pass me walking down the street
Don’t think that I am forced to cover myself up to my feet

It’s a simple way to be modest and humble
So don’t be next to me and start to grumble

I feel proud and tall when I wear my clothe
Because I have nothing at all to show and expose

Now you could only judge my character and my personality
And not of how I dress myself, but for my morality

So this scarf that I have on
Is my choice so don’t be alarmed

I felt right and true when I put my Hijab on from the start
Its because it calmed me, purified me, and soothed my heart

But really the only difference between you and me
Is that I just cover my hair and my body

So if any of you ever see me and hear my voice
Just know that what I wear is only my choice

- Anonymous

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