Let there be PEACE...no more destruction/terrorism/violence!

5:35 PM

This world needs a little more something and that's PEACE. We need peace in this world, without peace how can this world survive. I mean look at this world today, we have too much hatred, violence, terrorism, bloodshed...these are not necessary. Why can't we just get together and make peace?!? There's a well not quite simple answer (it's more like difficult and abstruse answer) to this and it's because we can't get along due to our differences and the choices we make sometimes don't make any sense. Well what exactly causes this big bang of hatred and violence is what you may ask and my answer to you is this clip....

Oh psst...the one way to true internal peace is to be with Allah and join the faith of Islam. As Muslims we need to spread more of the word of Islam, the more word we can spread, insha'allah the more peace we will have with ourselves and those around us! Before there can actually be peace in this world, we first need to find  peace within ourselves...

May there one day always be peace in this world, insha'allah!

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