Where can you find true happiness in life...what does happiness really mean?

4:09 PM

For all you wanna-be "gangsters", think again...is being a gangster, having all the money, getting high off drugs, having all the girls, do they really bring you true happiness in life? Where do they get you in life- the answer: nowhere. I've hung around bad influences or "gangsters" and believe me it's not fun and exciting as you think.  I thank Allah for have making me a better person, although I hope to become a better Muslim everyday, insha'allah! But I thank Allah for have separating me from such bad, jazak allah! For all you non-Muslims and Muslims, keep this in mind Islam will bring you true happiness in life. You will never find a one true religion that brings you happiness but Islam. Also, stay AWAY from the bad, my brothers and sisters because if you don't, you will miss out in life and you'll fall down somewhere where you don't want to be. It may seem "fun" and "exciting" now, but will it always be, ask yourself.

I have uploaded this episode of "The Deen Show" as I hope this will make my brothers and sisters out there understand more about what Islam is and what happiness really means in our lives.  Insha'allah I hope we can all become better Muslims...we need some more better understanding Muslims out there in the real world!  May Allah Bless us all and may we always hold tight to the rope of Allah! Salam! Enjoy the show...

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