"Forgive Me" nasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir

6:38 PM

This nasheed (a song without instruments) is called "Forgive me" by Ahmed Bukhatir. It's so sad and made me cry. It explains how we should be thankful for what Allah has given us because some people may not have their sight, hearing, may be handicapped, etc and wish that they had what we have. So don't be complaining because you could be in worst situations. Be happy with what you have and what Allah gave you. I , myself, need to stop complaining and be more thankful. 

Here's what Dr. Zakir Naik had said in his clips on PeaceTv that I really liked:

"Don't look at the people above you, but below you"- Dr. Zakir Naik

It's so very true. If you look at the people above you who have more and think they are superior, when they aren't (examples-celebrities who are rich, people who have huge houses or expensive cars), you will become jealous/greedy and not be pleased with what you have. You should be thankful because at least you have shelter, food, and clothing. Lots of people would wish to be in your shoes right now having food, shelter, and clothing. If you look at people below you (examples-those who are deaf/blind, those who are poor, etc), you'll be more thankful. So never look at those above you, but those below you and start being thankful. Maybe one day you'll even feel bad for those below you and make a big change in their lives.

Ya Allah, forgive us all when we whine! 

**REMINDER: Even nasheeds can be addicting making it haaram in Islam, so the nasheeds you listen to should be very limited.**

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