Muslims follow Jesus more than Christians...take a look!

5:40 PM

Here is Dr. Laurence Brown (a use to be athetist and now a Muslim) talking with the host of "the Deen Show", Eddie (a use to be Catholic and now a Muslim). Dr. Brown talks about how Muslims follow Jesus (Prophet Isa, peace be upon him) more than Christians. However, to clear up any misunderstandings, as Muslims we do not worship Jesus as God or as part man. We follow him as our prophet in Islam. I found this clip also very interesting! I never thought of so many ways we actually follow Jesus/Isa (peace be upon him) compared to Christians. 

This a definitely a clip you must watch as I highly, highly recommend it. I think you'll be surprised and you'll enjoy it!

Take Care!  :) May Allah's mercy be upon all of you!

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