Scientific Benefits of Praying (Salaah)

5:15 PM

Did you know there are actually physical benefits in praying Salaah too? I didn't know that myself until I discovered this clip with Dr. Zakir Naik from PeaceTv and started watching it.  It just shows as Muslims we are always learning...there's no Muslim that's a 100% perfect. We can only try to be perfect, but never be 100% perfect. So as Muslims we should always help each other out with learning Islam. 

For those of you on my blog, I highly recommend you watch this. You'll be in great shock if you never knew this...I know I did :)

So for my Muslim brothers and sisters out there start praying those 5 daily prayers, not just for these physical benefits but also to please our one true, Almighty God: Allah.

Enjoy the clip!  :)

~Salam from you sister, Yasmeen~

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