"We're Just Friends"...yeah right!

6:20 PM

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you go on dates or out to the movies? Are you alone together? Do you just talk to people of the opposite gender without the means of flirting or romance? Think again. As Muslims we shouldn't be mixing or mingling with the opposite genders (boys/girls). This isn't allowed in Islam. No dating, no romance, no physical contact, no chatting, nothing. These romances/dates can lead into a big mess and become something you may later on regret. Have you notcied the number of people that get dumped, cheated on, and divorced? Have you seen how in dates, many people are used? Really think about it. When people go on dates, they mostly had a boyfriend/girlfriend before they were dating you...that means soembody before you had already kissed his or her lips. Talk about disgusting. Nobody wants to be used, at least I know I wouldn't. It's a question that goes like this: when you have to blow your nose, are you going to get a brand new, clean tissue or go for a used one? I'm sure everybody would go for the brand new, clean tissue, right? It's the same thing with dating. You've got these brand new two tissues (boyfriend and girlfriend) that you both have used and now they are no longer good to use. 

We all were tempted at some point and still may be tempted to go for that "cute" girl or "hot" boy, but click out of it. This is haaram...this is the Satan's way of getting both of you into a trap. You look into each other's eyes, next thing you know you are headed on the wrong path. And even if you just chat with a boy or girl thinking that there won't be any romance, think again. I've seen a lot of people who talk with boys/girls not looking for romance, but just for a friendly chat and then next thing you know they start dating. It's funny how it works, but Satan is there with both of you. Don't think nothing will happen because it will. Stay away from Satan's temptation my brothers and sisters. Wait until marriage comes along. And even when it comes to marriage, there won't be any dating to lead up to that marriage. Your parents will go and look for that right person for you, so I guess you can say it's an arranged marriage and many people misunderstand the "arranged" part and take it as being a "forced" marriage. 
This is definitely not a forced marriage. Simply, your parents will pick out a spouse for you and you are to decide if you are ok with this spouse (not just physical appearance, but if this person is a good Muslim  that will help both of you enter Jannah/Paradise and is just a really good person). If you don't like the spouse because he doesn't seem to be a good person, then you can go ahead and tell your parents that he or she isn't the right spouse for you. Muslim women can only marry Muslim men, but Muslim men can marry women of only certain religions. This is because most women follow the religion of their husbands. But it's better that both spouses are Muslims, so if the spouses have kids, their kids won't be confuse to either follow the religion of their mother or their father.

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