Burn the Quran Day?!?

5:55 PM

You have probably already heard of the Christian priest, Terry Jones, from Florida (USA) who kept going on and off about wheter he should declare "Burn the Quran Day". Well he finally decided to do that. It's horrible to have kept hearing about this on the news. I was deeply saddened to hear and see this happen. This priest...how can some religious person ever do this. This is hatred to our religion, Islam. Nobody should have the right to burn somebody's else sacred holy book...nobody. We should all learn to respect one another, why should religion ever separate us? We may not like one another's religion...we may dislike each other's views/opinions at times, but at least keep such thoughts to yourself. It just shows what a bad person this guy is. It's just shows what religion he stands for...how would you like it Mr. Priest if Muslims said you know what, why would we want to join a religion that does such horrible act to others' religion? Like the saying goes "think before you act". 

Here's an interview with the priest himself along with CNN.  It's a must watch! I like the guy on the left, the interviewer! :) He seems to be understanding and kind-hearted, more than the guy on the right. If this interviewer ever sees my blog, I would just love to say thank you  for mr. interviewer for standing up against "Burn the Quran Day". I wish there were more people like you!

I wonder how the priest would feel if we showed him this clip (it shows what a branch of Christianity believes---if you think Muslims are terrorists, what do you think about this?):

People say how Muslims are terrorists, but you must learn that those "terrorists" are not true Muslims. If you want to know what Islam says about terrorism, read the Quran. Muslims aren't even supposed to kill bugs and plants, let alone humans. Muslims can only kill bugs if they are harming you physically. Muslims can only kill plants and animals for food purposes. And finally, Muslims cannot harm humans unless for defense purposes, etc. I feel that the priest should have looked into Islam, instead of saying something he doesn't completely, fully understand. He doesn't even know what Islam is. Has he even read the Quran to learn about Islam? NO. Does he even know that he burned a holy book that even contained some information that can relate somewhat to the Bible? So techinally he burned parts of his own book, the Bible:

Mr. Priest, I would just like to say what have the Muslims ever done to you personally? What makes you say the Quran is the book of the devil? Clearly, you can see that you have done such wrong. Do you know, Mr. Priest, that everyday hundreds of thousands of people are becoming Muslims? Do you possibly think that everybody thinks just like you, therefore you must do what only you think is right? Well guess what, it's wrong and sick.

Take a look at this, Mr. Priest:

So I hope that all non-Muslims out there fully understand that I (and many Muslims) respect all religions...I have friends of all different religions and I'm so happy to have them as my friends because I'm happy to learn what they believe. It keeps my mind opened and diverse! I write this post to prove a point and to not disrespect somebody and put them down. So if I ever disrespect you in any terms, please let me know. 

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