What is the purpose of life?

6:36 PM

Well, what exactly is the purpose of life? Masha'allah, I was happy to have found this lecture by Islamic scholar, Khalid Yasin (a used to be Christian)! It was fascinating! How many of you have thought to yourselves, what's the point of living? How many don't care about life and just live life wild while you can? Well, watch this and you will be blown away...literally. Most of us don't think about death until reality hits us. I must admit that I use to not care about life...I just lived life like I thought ok there's life and death, so what. That's how I use to think. But as being Muslim, you must know that you must prepare for life. What do you do when you go for a vacation? You pack your things, right? You decide what you need to bring and such, right? That's how you can relate life: you must prepare yourselves. You must know what will bring you to that special spot of Jannah/Paradise because as we all should know death will come and take us and we will not be able to escape that and go back and change the way we should have lived. We all live and we all die, it's just the way of life! We may die young, you may die old, so prepare yourself in advance. If you were to die today, where do you think you would be? Would you be happy with the way you lived life before you died? Or would you regret it? So you see we all should prepare in life. Our life is already planned out by the Almighty Allah. He has recorded the day we will die. We, as humans, don't know when that day will be, so we need to have our prepartions set out because in the end, you will be judged on "the Day of Judgement"for your own actions/deeds.

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