Just remember Allah (swt) will help you!

4:54 PM

I'm so sorry for me posting late...I'm preparing for the big ACT exam to get into a good university early. Insha'allah, I'm studying and am hoping for the best! Insha'allah, make dua for me, my dear brothers and sisters! :)

Masha'Allah, for all those who are having exams or going through a difficult stage, I found a dua that can be recited to help you! Insha'allah, I will be reciting it too when taking the ACT! There isn't a specific dua for taking exams, but there is a dua for going through something difficult that you feel you cannot handle. But you are free to recite any dua you want and any dua can help you! :)

Or click here and find some other duas that can also help you, insha'Allah!

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