♫ Music is addicting...music is a big pitfall of fire! ♫

4:41 PM

Back to the topic of....music. Ah yes, music, music, music! ♫ You just cannot seem to let it go, huh? I must say that it is an addiction...an addiction that we must get rid of.  Trust me, I know how it feels to be around music...it's addicting, right? You like to listen to music only just to make you feel good and feel that particular mood, right? Ah yes, Justin Bieber, Rhiana, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, yeah, you all know who I'm talking about! I'm talking about "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus...my version "Party in Hell", as all these songs basically lead you to the wrong path of the Hell fire: ♪ "So we put our hands up, I'm feeling the burn. I know I'm going to suffer. Yeah.....yeahhh, it's a party in Hell" ♫ This is basically the same as listening to any songs. Face it, we use to listen to them and look up to them as role models, always dreaming that one day that would be us! When you listen to these songs, you feel like to move your body in ways you never thought you would. Notice that we don't even pay close attention to the words behind the song, but just the music/instruments that take over our bodies. Music is a major addiction and always has been. It always stay with us. I can even remember songs from when I was like 6 years old...no kidding, I'm sure we can all remember every song we have listened to our entire lives and sing it word for word, backwards and forwards. How come we can never seem to memorize the Holy Quran? Or remember things for a big exam? Or even a presentation? Yet, we will always remember music. Isn't that just terrible? Music is literally attached to us...it's in "our soul". This shouldn't be my Muslim brothers and sisters...this should not be the case. This is the devil (Shaytan) taking over our souls...we want to have the good with us and not bad.

Recently another epsiode of the Deen Show was released talking about music again. The topic, you guessed it, "Music Addiction". I watched it today just after Fajr prayer and masha'Allah, this clip was mind-blowing! It really helped explain how music is so dangerous to us, especially as Muslims.  Here's a brother that was raised by religious Muslim parents, but went astray and became addicted to music. Now here as a Muslim he explains with host, Brother Eddie (a use to be Christian, now Muslim), about the history of music that we never even thought about that is actually affecting our lives...in a bad way:

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