Should women wear the niqab, burqa, or just a hijab?

5:11 PM

My family and I were having  a debate on whether or not the niqab is fard (obligatory) in Islam or not. It's such a major debate and I have been getting questions about this topic and unforunately, I don't know the answer....yet. I have listened to many lectures/scholars and some say niqab is fard, while some say no it isn't, but it's better. To me, this is such a confusing and difficult topic, but insha'Allah, if I ever find proof/evidence on this topic, I'll be sure to share it with you! 

Meanwhile, I want to know where you stand on this particular topic, so feel free to vote on your decision on my poll to the right-side of my blog! :)

May Allah (subbhana watallah) guide us the right path always! Ameen.

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