Recommended Ipod Touch/Iphone Apps for this Ramadan

4:33 PM

Go to the "App Store"

Once you click there, look at the bottom of your Ipod touch/Iphone screen where you will see different little sections (i.e. Featured, Categories, Top 25, etc)  among the sections is the "Search".

 Click on "Search" ( the 4th section on your screen) and type in any of these apps below:

⇰  99 Names of Allah
      (Bas Meijer)

My Rating:

My Comments: 
I love how I can learn the 99 names of Allah right at my fingertips and I can even learn how to pronounce them by clicking on the reciting button! Masha'Allah!

⇰  alQuran
      (Sayed Samed)

My Rating: 

My Comments:
 I love being able to read the Quran on the iPod touch without having to worry about making wudu or going through menses to where I wouldn't be able to actually touch the real book of the Quran! I also love hearing the recitation of the Quran on this app and being able to go through verses I want to go through and do quick searches! The only minor problem I had with this was the English translation was a bit hard for me to understand, but it wasn't too hard to comprehend, ahamduiliah!

⇰  Ramadan Kit ( Islam Quran Hadith- Ramzan Islamic Apps)
      (Shabaz Mohammed) 

My Rating: 
not available 

My Comments: 
None as I wasn't able to purchase this app, but masha'Allah, it looks really great and useful!

Then once you type in any of these apps in the "Search", click on the app that you searched for.

Now look at the top-right corner of your screen and click on the dark blue/purple button, which has the price of the app on it (some may be free, while others you have to pay for).

⑥ Then that same button will turn a light green color and will say "Install". Click on it and then type in your password for the App Store.

⑦ And you're done! Just wait for your app to download and then once that's done, you can try out these apps on your own and see how you like them! Enjoy!

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