Free Hijab/Scarf (US residents only)-

10:12 PM

Assalamu Alakium waramatallahi wabaraktu! This post is made for my lovely Muslim sisters out there especially for my new Muslim sisters. Haute Hijab is giving away free hijabs for those who have started wearing the hijab this Ramadan and for those of you who don't have hijabs/scarves and are wanting to start wearing one, this is your opportunity! All you have to do is email them and tell them your journey about deciding to wear the hijab and what made you want to wear it. Then tell them your 3 top choices of scarves/wraps  from their site and Haute Hijab will try to pick one of those out of your top 3. Also, be sure to include your name, age, the date you started wearing hijab, and your mailing address in your email.

So what are you waiting for girls? Don't be shy! Go and email them for your free hijab! :)

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